Sunay Tripathi, Founder and CTO, Pluribus Networks Inc.


Sunay is the Founder and CTO of Pluribus Networks Inc and was the Chief Architect for Kernel/Network Virtualization in Core Solaris OS. Sunay has an extensive 21+ years of software background, and was one of the top code contributor to OpenSolaris. He also holds over 100+ patents encompassing Network and Server virtualization including Virtual Switching and H/W based Virtual NICs in the server. At Pluribus Networks, Sunay is creating the Distributed Network Operating System, Netvisor, to run on switches to brings server economics, programmability and innovation to the switching layer.

Previously at Sun, he was the Senior Distinguished Engineer in Solaris Core OS group and was with Solaris group for 12 years. He has led Solaris kernel/networking in technical capacity and has undertaken key initiatives for Sun related to networking and network virtualization. He was driving the network and network virtualization initiative for Sun to create new business opportunities. This required industry leading research in the form of Crossbow initiative which added Network Virtualization and resource control capabilities to Solaris Core OS. Crossbow allows creation of Virtual NICs, switches and routers by partitioning the NIC and kernel resources. It also allows the virtualized networking  stack to scale across large numbers of CPU without any S/W overheads. The NICs and VNICs have no performance overheads and can share the underlying networking without any interference from each other.

Before Crossbow, Sunay Architected the New FireEngine TCP/IP Stack and  GLDv3 – High Performance Device Driver framework in Solaris 10. Both projects helped transition the Solaris STREAMs based stack to a new architecture which significantly reduces the overheads of synchronization and cross communication between CPUs and created a vertical perimeter from the driver to top of the stack.