Netvisor and iTOR Unvieled

August 16, 2012 at 7:35 am 2 comments

After a long wait, we finally unveiled stage 1 of the big solution – the Netvisor and our intelligent Top of the Rack (iTOR) switch. If you haven’t had a chance to see, you can read about it here. At this point, we have enough boxes on the way that we can open the beta to slightly larger audience. Some more details about the hardware – it has 48  10gigabit ethernet ports which can take a sfp+ optical module, sfp+ direct attach or a 1gigbit RJ45 module along with 4x40gigabit qsfp ports. The Network Hypervisor controlling one or more iTOR is a full fledged Operating System and  amongst other things capable of running your hardest applications. Comes with all tools like gcc/gdb/perl already there and you can load anything else that is not there. Why you may ask – if you always had an application that needed to be in the network, now it truly can be on the network. Imagining doing your physical or virtual load balancers, proxy servers, monitoring engines, IDS systems, SPAM filters, running on our network hypervisor where they are truly in the network without needing anything to plug in. Create you virtual networks along with virtual appliances in seconds, snapshot it, clone it and bring it back up in seconds. This is SDN ready for immediate deployment.

Intrigued! We might be able to roll you into the beta program. Its is a limited program but if you have special needs, then we have a place for you. If you truly think the networks today can’t meet your needs then we might have a special place for you. Send us an email or click here. Deploying the beta is very easy. If you have a rack of servers (with 1, 10, or 40gigE ports), then that is all we need. If you are dealing with large number of Virtual Machine on servers where the server runs some variant of Linux and KVM/Xen, then you should definitely talk to us. Join our Beta program or call us to learn more.

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  • 1. W.R. Koss  |  August 16, 2012 at 10:38 am

    That is cool and nice to see others innovating in the networking space. Best of luck.


  • 2. Raul  |  April 3, 2013 at 9:37 am

    A little late to this post, but now that netvisor is out of stealth mode can you share more about this?
    – Is netvisor illumos-based, or linux-based?
    – Either case do it will be the networking stack (nvOS API) open-sourced?
    – Is netvisor’s own nvOS API attached or dependent on a linux/Open-vSwitch at the switch and at the controller server or can use any other OpenFlow implementation such as LINC (Erlang-based)?,




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